Chiang Mai Thailand - An American guy treats people & dogs like dirt and yet he is making money from both

The role model

The Jack Sterling Testimonial

Mirror Mirror on the wall...

The moral of this post is...

Think before you speak Jack!

And the same can be said for everything else you do. What the hell is it that makes you withdraw so many posts from both your own and other forums?

Jack, you really should spend just a little time, even a second, to stop, take a breath and think through the consequences of pressing that button. Who you gonna hurt when the words you write are published? Who will be affected by what you say?

It's all fine and well having an oiled and functioning mouth but if what comes out of it is always bull shit and pain for others, then when ever it opens, folks just tend to predict what's coming next.

The moral of this post is... Currently you have air in your lungs and a load of shite dogs. That's it. So face up to the truth Jack, marry the woman, take on her daughter and extended family and start to live the life of a human being. Maybe then you might learn how to talk to people and find some sensitivity to the world around you.